Cityguide Istanbul

Amazing tips and hints for your stay in Istanbul.

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my favourite - right by the water – recommended to get there by boat | Website


my favourite – trendy, where the locals go, in bebek

Soho House

just opened




trendy, serves all meals, very good for Happy Hour drinks


typical Turkish seafood restaurant by the water

Iskele Restaurant

a bit further down on the coast from Bebek – small, old pier turned into a seafood restaurant

Ulus 29

further up from Ortakoy – a must for a drink in the evening or for dinner - great food, service, romantic and popular – known for its Turkish meatballs, duck rolls and parmesan fries


dinner – very happening on the weekends


breakfast and lunch

Karakoy Lokantasi

dinner – seafood

Gulluoglu Baklavacisi

for a quick taste of Turkish baklava

Namli Gurme



since 1950 – typical home cooked Turkish food – lunch



weird to suggest I know but they have a terrace by the water with an amazing view

House Café

breakfast/lunch/afternoon tea


Grand Bazaar

Spice Market area

Nar Lokantasi



Spice Market


amazing scented candles and room spray from Istanbul. They have a store in London but its so much cheaper in Istanbul. | Website


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Istanbul Modern


Tophane area

More galleries by W Hotel in Besiktas and in Tophane area (close to Istanbul Modern)

Borusan Art Centre

Borusan Art Centre

Misir Apartment

few galleries in the building



Topkapi Museum

Topkapi Museum

The Blue Mosque

The Blue Mosque

Haghia Sophia

Haghia Sophia

Rustem Pasa Mosque

tough to find but extraordinary Iznik tiles


The old town

The old town is worth visiting (the best and easiest way to get there is to take a taxi to Kabatas to take a tram all the way to Sultanahmet or Nuruosmaniye (for the grand bazaar and spice market)


Colonie | Website

Spago in St. Regis Hotel

new and supposed to be great food


on top of Georges Hotel – amazing to get a drink around sunset


on top of Misir apartment – to get a drink

Secret Places

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Cityguide Istanbul